10 Steps To Your Heart

by My Sixth Shadow

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I'm trying to hide This emptiness You left me inside I ain't got no choice This fragile part of me That leave me Without voice Without voice I ain't got no choice You're my heaven I'm gonna fly on the feathers O' your golden wings You're my endless State o' grace You're like a nectar Intoxicates my heart I'm tryin' to fight This loneliness You left me inside I ain't got no choice The weakest part of me That leave me Without voice
I am cryin' 'cause I have opened my eyes And saw the whole world All around (It's all around me) I am suffering 'cause I have opened my eyes I gotta runaway From here From this land of lies And pain [Chorus:] I know that death is my rebirth I need dyin' to forget Every pain and every hurt I get inside All I need is to die I am tryin' To win this struggle inside I know that death is There for me (Please take me with you) I don't belong here I feel just like a stranger I guess my place Is faraway From this land of lies And pain
I don't know what's the matter I don't know what you've done To me my love Never felt all this void inside Never thought I could fall So down and down So down and down You throw me away Like something that ain't worth You play with my heart I don't know what's the matter All I know I have failed With you my love I can't stand your remind inside of me I can't avoid to fall So down and down So down and down You stare at me As I wait for you I need your embrace I walk through the darkness Of my life And that's for you
Don't you try to change me I wanna live my way Don't try to help me I don't need your cures Don't try to save me I like to stay on the edge Of this darken well Where I'm goin' to fall Yeas I fall On and on Day by day You know I'm softly fadin' I need to fall On and on Until' I lose my self away Life's nuthin' for me And there's nothing I feel Life's too much for me Is too hard to live Life's nothing for me And I've never asked for this There's sunthin' wrong inside me Like someone else within Just a costant kind of sadness That doesn't make me live Such a will of self destruction That none maybe know Like the depth of a darken well Where I'm goin' to fall
Hot sticky scenes you know what I mean Like a desert sun that burns my skin I've been waiting for her so long Open the sky (and let her come down) Here comes the rain I love the rain Here she comes again Rain Rain Rain


In November 2002 the band started to record in studio a set of 12 brand new tracks. After the recording sessions, the 6 shadows joined Darkwell as support touring in Germany and The Netherlands. Some other shows followed in Italy with Novembre, Death SS and Stormlord.

10 Steps 2 Your Heart came out on 18 July 2003 featuring only 5 new tracks of the 12 tracks set and 5 tracks of the old EP Sacrifice. Released as a preview of the real debut album (supposed to be released during 2004), the band received again great responds from the european press (Orkus, Metal Heart, Metal Observer, Metal.de, Imperiumi, Rockhard) and performed several live shows during 2003 to promote the release.



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My Sixth Shadow Rome, Italy

The widely scattered 6th shadow that every human being drops toward the senseless universe reflecting its lonely condition. Like grains of white sand, tightly lying on a desert land. Try to behold your existence. The masks you wear everyday.
The motley-pretending way of appearing that you are so used to. You are just the shadow cast by the real one you keep trapped inside your soul.
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